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Royal Woman Award (RWA) is a celebration of the woman, a recognition of the power, role and impact of women in our society and our world. It will also serve as a major advocacy platform to amplify the voice of women against Domestic violence, an issue plaguing women in Nigeria, Africa and all around the world.

This competition is open to women between the ages of 25 – 50 years of age who reside in Nigeria. It is an online photo competition where contestants will be voted for from within Nigeria and all over the world. It has been aptly themed ‘The Power of a Woman’.

Domestic violence is a hot button issue across the world. According to the National Demographic and Health Survey, domestic violence cuts across all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. 28 per cent of all women, almost a third of all women in Nigeria, have experienced physical violence, a significant number in a country of almost 200 million, where almost half are women. These numbers are on the increase and devastating as they grow.

Royal Woman Award (RWA) will be deployed as an advocacy channel against Domestic Violence.
With more than one thousand women participating, our Strategy will be:
•All participants does a 1 minute video condemning domestic violence. All videos will be posted on RWA official YouTube and shared across social media. This is projected to generate at least 1,000,000 views and over a short period of time.
•A walk against domestic violence by participants
•Collaboration with NGOs to provide support for victims of domestic violence
•Give every woman a voice and empower them to stand-up for themselves.


Winner- One Million Naira Cash Prize + All expense paid trip to Dubai.
1st Runner Up- 1 Million Naira
2nd Runner Up- 500 Thousand Naira Cash Prize.